Adam Klein's own daughter calls him a deadbeat

Adam Klein's own daughter calls him a deadbeat
Keaton... ignored by a sperm donor millionaire daddy

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Is the Boston Globe preparing a story on Judge Spencer Kagan and Middlesex Probate Court?

Don't look now but the Boston Globe is apparently researching a story on Judge Gibson, Judge Spencer Kagan or perhaps the whole POS that is the Middlesex Probate Court. It is time for major press to get involved here. They have the money, the power and the ability to influence. See yesterday's related journal entry. Read below the fold to see what the Globe is researching on my journal pages, and watch the movie to see the boobies and the beer-swilling former intern with whom Spencer Kagan discussed pending cases. Small wonder Spence is always asking Jay Korff to ask me to remove this valuable information from the Internet, right.

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  1. I am a female ordered by Kagan to pay emergency spousal alimony. No child support was granted to me for my oldest child who is in college. He also granted child support to me by his SSI income not his increased income by me of 2380.00 monthly and SSI. I have to wait till after his buddy Atty Sprauge goes on vacation in august for this. They both joked in front of the court about bringing the case to Nantucket for Sprauge's vacation. This is all the while I was being made an indentured slave to my ex. My ex is also working under the table while collecting SSI disability. This was brought up and I still have to pay him. I will not be able to pay all my essential bills seeing I am raising the kids. I also am maintaining our home. Even if this were not the case I will have to move into my elderly mothers home just to afford alimony. I can't afford rent.

  2. Welcome to the Mass. Probate court system. it is a system optimized over many decades to extract as much money as possible from litigants and families during divorce and probate of estates. It is far closer to a mafia racket or criminal conspiracy than a court of law today, hiding behind judicial immunities. See for the statistical proof that familiy courts and sole custody are the root cause of over 50% of all social pathologies in society today including teen suicide, mass murders/shootings, teen pregnancy, crime, drugs, gang violence, and even over 50% of mental health issues today. The jury of scientists is in and family court is destroying families and society for its own profit.

  3. BTW it is the assignment of sole custody that is the source of most social pathologies. Only by making one parent a "Custodial Parent" and the other a "Non-Custodial Parent" can they justify the obscene child "support" (> 40% of take home pay) which they get paid more than a 20% commission for ordering and collecting (Note Visa gets about 2% for collecting good debt and does not get to force you to spend on their card). Mass. effectively DOUBLES the tax rate from 5% to over 10% of divorce parents through child support kickbacks paid by the federal government. See state breakdowns here: