Adam Klein's own daughter calls him a deadbeat

Adam Klein's own daughter calls him a deadbeat
Keaton... ignored by a sperm donor millionaire daddy

Saturday, June 30, 2012

KingCast says "Good Luck to Judge Dorothy Gibson, perhaps she will be cleared of backdating allegations and Judge Spencer Kagan will treat litigants fairly."

Update from a new reader: 
Do you have any interest on bringing some publicity to my case? I can prove attorney corruption as well as the false allegations the woman I married accused me of including sexual abuse of my children, forcing her to have oral sex and punching her which she later said was a translation error. If you have any interest let me know and we can sit down and go through all the files I have.
I now have two (2) distinct and current examples of how Judge Dorothy Gibson has allegedly violated several Judicial Canons by backdating Orders. As to Spencer Kagan, fond of circulating booby pics and emails about pending cases to a former (beer-swilling) intern, I understand he has recently changed his tune in a case where a father should not have been sanctioned. Much more on this is coming soon, along with video. See also Judge Gibson protects Deadbeat Dads, at least relative to eMusic CEO, Columbia J-School adjunct professor, international felon (Boumat, Ltd.) and "deadbeat dad" Adam Klein. The mother, Daralyn Khan, has two cases pending relative to this felon, one sounding in malpractice against her former lawyer Eric Karp in Woburn for, inter alia, drafting a vague child support agreement and one dealing with contempt in Middlesex before Gibson. Somehow even though Klein has never paid up to the guidelines of his prodigious income, Gibson determined (without issuing a formal order however) that Khan owed Klein more than $30K in child support overage. A trial was held many many months ago and then just the other day, as Khan was was preparing to make her lawyer file a Demand relative to the overdue Judgment, up pops something purportedly dated in May, 2012 that finds that Khan is not to be held in contempt because she had no means of paying it. But what if Khan's lawyer had telephoned several weeks after that Judgment was allegedly signed and the Court Clerk had reported that there was in fact no Judgment signed? Hmmmm.....

But that doesn't change the fact that the Motion for Contempt was denied without prejudice. They are waiting for her to sell an undeveloped piece of land in France or get a win on the malpractice case and then WHAM! -- nail her with an order to pay this criminal deadbeat scum. That's right, I didn't stammer and I'll say it again: Criminal. Deadbeat. Scum. Fascinating, isn't it.

Meanwhile, how does eMusic CEO Adam Klein get away without paying for summer school   as previously arranged as his other daughter (born of his sister in-law's egg) attends the high-dollar Spence School? The Spence School folks, including this shrew-like woman, possibly a Headmaster, didn't have much to say to me about having a felon on the Board of Directors in this video. In fact, she told me to get the hell out of there, like she was pissed off I knew about it or something, right.

In contrast to Klein, these men pictured are ordinary working stiffs (engineer and assistant principal) who are getting stiffed by Gibson and Kagan.