Adam Klein's own daughter calls him a deadbeat

Adam Klein's own daughter calls him a deadbeat
Keaton... ignored by a sperm donor millionaire daddy

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Child support: KingCast says Judge Dorothy Gibson, Lee Levine & Bowser and Jeffrey Denner Law Office are all set to screw Daralyn Khan while her baby's felon daddy Adam Klein makes millions.

I have been watching this case develop for years, as I have watched a very powerful International felon (para. 6) by the name of Adam Klein (eMusic CEO and Columbia University adjunct professor) get away with bloody murder in a child support case. His daughter called him a Deadbeat Dad. His other, preferred daughter attends the tony Spence School, a college preparatory school that costs about twice as much as mine and he sits on the board of directors. Watch the nasty Headmaster type shrew-looking woman hide from my camera in this video.

The dirt in this case started at the outset when Judge Dilday refused to even allow Ms. Kahn to prove that Klein was properly served (he lied to the Court about his residency by way of his driver's license and voting card) and continues to this day with Attorney Rivers filing some sort of ridiculous Contempt of Court charges after she found that Khan actually owes Klein money! It's all a scam, and I wouldn't be surprised if they don't find a way to put Khan in jail for contempt. Notice how Judge Dorothy Gibson -- who can't stand the likes of me -- has sat on the contempt motion for nonpayment for about 4 months now. They are all waiting for Khan to either sell her little shit piece of property in France or settle her malpractice case against Eric Karp, then they will stick their legal knives into her like vultures and find a way to tie up whatever pittance she receives. These are bad people doing bad things folks, trust me on this.

It all stems from a half-assed Child Support Agreement penned by Karp that allowed Klein to slip through a loophole and stop paying the agreed-upon amounts long ago, without any Court Order or recompense. In fact, this guy who lives in mega-million dollar digs at 15 Central Park West (he sold his unit at 25) has never even paid up to the guidelines!

Now Denner's office has apparently reneged on a promise it made a long time ago to amend the complaint against Karp, and my little birdy tells me that all of these guys -- including Attorney Rivers -- pictured, right -- are discussing her legal malpractice case. Why Rivers? He has no horse in this race, and if anything should be called as her witness against Karp. It won't be the first time that Jeffrey Denner fucked her while she was a client, but I guess this time they won't be in the horizontal position.

Related: Jeffrey Denner is all Mr. Harvard, and Adam Klein is all Mr. Harvard, but Daralyn Khan is merely Harvard Extension so she gets screwed all the time. At least I whipped Denner but good in this First Amendment issue, noted by Harvard's Citizen Media Journal, LOL. Here is an interesting New York review, which dovetails with the fact that one of his lawyers Linda Ouelette failed to engage a discovery master, jeopardizing Ms. Khan's case. Now my sources tell me that they wont even verify that they have paid the expert witness, nice. Really gives the client a sense of security.....

Related: Lee Levine & Bowser helped Judge Spencer Kagan get out of trouble when he had ethics/professional lawsuit issues during his ascension to the bench, and he had his way with Ms. Khan as well, but he was wearing a robe. Now he begs Jay Korff to tell me to remove the boobies and unethical discussions with his former law clerk from my journal page. I politely and resolutely just say no. Boobies rule, Your Honor!

Related: I follow family law and corrupt court issues all the time. Some State Reps dig it.
PS: Why is Mancini-Duffy so interested, I wonder. Maybe he just paid them a shit ton of money to decorate his digs and they are wondering if he lavishes equal attention to his least-favored daughter, I dunno.


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