Adam Klein's own daughter calls him a deadbeat

Adam Klein's own daughter calls him a deadbeat
Keaton... ignored by a sperm donor millionaire daddy

Friday, July 13, 2012

KingCast and Daralyn Khan show what it is like to fight eMusic CEO, International felon, Columbia Prof. and "deadbeat dad" Adam Klein and Lee, Levine & Bowser after Klein reneges on child support.

Oh, it's not pretty. But whatever it is, I am going to cover it because I've been watching this woman and her child go through living hell for the past five years. Actually much longer than that, but I've been watching that long. There is a crazy situation where Judge Gibson has kind of ruled that she actually owed HIM money for overpayment, meanwhile her malpractice case against Eric Karp for, inter alia, writing a negligent payment agreement is proceeding to trial in February, 2013. Jeffrey Denner's firm has had to step aside on the malpractice case after screwing up and failing to provide her crucial information on several occasions. Heck I beat Jeffrey Denner's arse like a red-headed stepchild on First Amendment issues when I was Boston Bob so I'll have no compunction to continue on that path. Even folks in Tel Aviv search for eMusic CEO and Columbia adjunct professor Adam Klein by name: "South Africa crook!"

Saturday, June 30, 2012

KingCast says "Good Luck to Judge Dorothy Gibson, perhaps she will be cleared of backdating allegations and Judge Spencer Kagan will treat litigants fairly."

Update from a new reader: 
Do you have any interest on bringing some publicity to my case? I can prove attorney corruption as well as the false allegations the woman I married accused me of including sexual abuse of my children, forcing her to have oral sex and punching her which she later said was a translation error. If you have any interest let me know and we can sit down and go through all the files I have.
I now have two (2) distinct and current examples of how Judge Dorothy Gibson has allegedly violated several Judicial Canons by backdating Orders. As to Spencer Kagan, fond of circulating booby pics and emails about pending cases to a former (beer-swilling) intern, I understand he has recently changed his tune in a case where a father should not have been sanctioned. Much more on this is coming soon, along with video. See also Judge Gibson protects Deadbeat Dads, at least relative to eMusic CEO, Columbia J-School adjunct professor, international felon (Boumat, Ltd.) and "deadbeat dad" Adam Klein. The mother, Daralyn Khan, has two cases pending relative to this felon, one sounding in malpractice against her former lawyer Eric Karp in Woburn for, inter alia, drafting a vague child support agreement and one dealing with contempt in Middlesex before Gibson. Somehow even though Klein has never paid up to the guidelines of his prodigious income, Gibson determined (without issuing a formal order however) that Khan owed Klein more than $30K in child support overage. A trial was held many many months ago and then just the other day, as Khan was was preparing to make her lawyer file a Demand relative to the overdue Judgment, up pops something purportedly dated in May, 2012 that finds that Khan is not to be held in contempt because she had no means of paying it. But what if Khan's lawyer had telephoned several weeks after that Judgment was allegedly signed and the Court Clerk had reported that there was in fact no Judgment signed? Hmmmm.....

But that doesn't change the fact that the Motion for Contempt was denied without prejudice. They are waiting for her to sell an undeveloped piece of land in France or get a win on the malpractice case and then WHAM! -- nail her with an order to pay this criminal deadbeat scum. That's right, I didn't stammer and I'll say it again: Criminal. Deadbeat. Scum. Fascinating, isn't it.

Meanwhile, how does eMusic CEO Adam Klein get away without paying for summer school   as previously arranged as his other daughter (born of his sister in-law's egg) attends the high-dollar Spence School? The Spence School folks, including this shrew-like woman, possibly a Headmaster, didn't have much to say to me about having a felon on the Board of Directors in this video. In fact, she told me to get the hell out of there, like she was pissed off I knew about it or something, right.

In contrast to Klein, these men pictured are ordinary working stiffs (engineer and assistant principal) who are getting stiffed by Gibson and Kagan.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

KingCast asks, "Is Adam Klein's wife the driving force behind him being such a deadbeat dad to his non in vitro daughter while the in vitro daughter attends the Spence School?"

I dunno.... but it is conceivable this his wife -- once married to one of the Boutrous-Boutrous Gali clan -- could be jealous of Adam Klein's "full" daughter by Daralyn Khan and thus keeps putting the screws to him so that he can avoid paying reasonable child support. After all, there are all kinds of jealousies involved when the genesis is a byproduct of egg-sharing when the egg comes from your sister, I wonder if that cost so much that he can't pay for his first daughter.... Along the way his high-paid lawyers from the law firm formerly known and Lee, Levine Bowser have even got Judge Dorothy Gibson in on the game, making it so that Ms. Khan is facing some bogus contempt of court charges for allegedly owing Klein -- a multimillionaire -- child support overages. Read more and watch movies here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Child support: KingCast says Judge Dorothy Gibson, Lee Levine & Bowser and Jeffrey Denner Law Office are all set to screw Daralyn Khan while her baby's felon daddy Adam Klein makes millions.

I have been watching this case develop for years, as I have watched a very powerful International felon (para. 6) by the name of Adam Klein (eMusic CEO and Columbia University adjunct professor) get away with bloody murder in a child support case. His daughter called him a Deadbeat Dad. His other, preferred daughter attends the tony Spence School, a college preparatory school that costs about twice as much as mine and he sits on the board of directors. Watch the nasty Headmaster type shrew-looking woman hide from my camera in this video.

The dirt in this case started at the outset when Judge Dilday refused to even allow Ms. Kahn to prove that Klein was properly served (he lied to the Court about his residency by way of his driver's license and voting card) and continues to this day with Attorney Rivers filing some sort of ridiculous Contempt of Court charges after she found that Khan actually owes Klein money! It's all a scam, and I wouldn't be surprised if they don't find a way to put Khan in jail for contempt. Notice how Judge Dorothy Gibson -- who can't stand the likes of me -- has sat on the contempt motion for nonpayment for about 4 months now. They are all waiting for Khan to either sell her little shit piece of property in France or settle her malpractice case against Eric Karp, then they will stick their legal knives into her like vultures and find a way to tie up whatever pittance she receives. These are bad people doing bad things folks, trust me on this.

It all stems from a half-assed Child Support Agreement penned by Karp that allowed Klein to slip through a loophole and stop paying the agreed-upon amounts long ago, without any Court Order or recompense. In fact, this guy who lives in mega-million dollar digs at 15 Central Park West (he sold his unit at 25) has never even paid up to the guidelines!

Now Denner's office has apparently reneged on a promise it made a long time ago to amend the complaint against Karp, and my little birdy tells me that all of these guys -- including Attorney Rivers -- pictured, right -- are discussing her legal malpractice case. Why Rivers? He has no horse in this race, and if anything should be called as her witness against Karp. It won't be the first time that Jeffrey Denner fucked her while she was a client, but I guess this time they won't be in the horizontal position.

Related: Jeffrey Denner is all Mr. Harvard, and Adam Klein is all Mr. Harvard, but Daralyn Khan is merely Harvard Extension so she gets screwed all the time. At least I whipped Denner but good in this First Amendment issue, noted by Harvard's Citizen Media Journal, LOL. Here is an interesting New York review, which dovetails with the fact that one of his lawyers Linda Ouelette failed to engage a discovery master, jeopardizing Ms. Khan's case. Now my sources tell me that they wont even verify that they have paid the expert witness, nice. Really gives the client a sense of security.....

Related: Lee Levine & Bowser helped Judge Spencer Kagan get out of trouble when he had ethics/professional lawsuit issues during his ascension to the bench, and he had his way with Ms. Khan as well, but he was wearing a robe. Now he begs Jay Korff to tell me to remove the boobies and unethical discussions with his former law clerk from my journal page. I politely and resolutely just say no. Boobies rule, Your Honor!

Related: I follow family law and corrupt court issues all the time. Some State Reps dig it.
PS: Why is Mancini-Duffy so interested, I wonder. Maybe he just paid them a shit ton of money to decorate his digs and they are wondering if he lavishes equal attention to his least-favored daughter, I dunno.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hawken School vs. The Spence School: Go with Hawken, unlike The Spence School there are no felons like eMusic CEO Adam Klein on the board of directors.

The short video is down below but first for shits and grins let me say this: 
The Spence School might be ranked higher than Hawken, but the folks there fail to impress me with any sort of intellectual aptitude, acuity or alacrity. Here's why:
This idiot who clearly works there... fails. 
@bobzdizzle Also, I can pretty much guarantee you are a liar. You wrote (in a comment you tried to delete):
"I don't work at Spence, I am just a bystander who disagrees...."
Yet you also wrote:
what did you get exactly?
other than harassing people while they're trying to do their jobs, i don't exactly understand why you came here in the first place.
...Your choice of words "came here" does not sound like the voice of a bystander. That is why you erased that post haha. Spence supports liars.

But at least they had the Good Sense to leave my video up on their FB page for the better part of a week.

Excerpts from a couple of relevant court docs 
showing Adam Kleins' mettle.

POTUS reads my journal and I know this for a fact, as his people are indeed following the and follow ups on the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) fraud that is about to result in some indictments in Columbus, Ohio, where I was an Assistant Attorney General and Civil Rights Attorney, forever suing and defending against the Columbus School Board, usually winning.... RIP Jerry L. Doyle. You were right on the money, so to speak.
Related: Open Letter #2 to Columbia University Provost Claude Steele, who has since taken a powder.

Related: Celebrity Prep Schools is a great website, they along with The Smoking Gun will be reading right along, ahem. Common criminals masquerading as upstanding citizens, board members and roll models, what a complete farce.

Hawken is the best, Spence is the rest. Here's one of my first videos, a shaky but fun visit back to Hawken Middle School. As for Spence, I'm not yet sure who the angry woman is but why is she so upset that I am pointing out who is on her board of directors/trustees. If you make a choice then stand by that choice and be proud of it, for Pete's sake. The Spence School, BTW loves reading my journals.

And what do I know about prep school management? Not much, except that my friends pictured including Brad Bryan's father was the longest-running athletic director at Hawken and Matt Young's father was Headmaster. Again, to my knowledge none of these men were criminals. In point of fact, if I was paying The Spence School $36K/yr. to help raise and educate my child and I found out they had a felon board member I would demand his ouster and a partial refund of fees and tuition, you know fraudulent inducement, fraud in the factum, ahem. And that's just the half. Adam Klein has got some shady-assed lawyers from Lee, Levine & Bowser who might as well be lining the pockets of Judge Dorothy Gibson (website), who now has the mother of his child owing HIM child support even though he has never paid up to the guidelines and is now not paying anything. It's all the fault of Daralyn Kahn's former lawyer Eric Karp, IMO, and he is now facing a malpractice trial. Adam Klein other daughter (of Kahn--the daughter he hates and has seen about 8 times in 20 years) called him a "deadbeat dad" (see Not only that, for some reason eMusic CEO and International Felon Adam Klein is also a big hit at Columbia's J-School, where I did a little gonzo journalism myself last fall, wondering about the Bohemian Grove, right.